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Agito Armors

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1Agito Armors Empty Agito Armors on Mon Oct 22, 2012 11:43 am


right here is the redone agito armors for you just like you wanted

also the skins in case anybody wants to see them only skins no on here are the storm and flame form i didnty inclued the due to the fact i havent uploaded them yet.

Agito Armors Agito2_minecraft_skin-3905675 View Kamen Rider Agito (ground form)

Agito Armors Agitoburning_minecraft_skin-3906549 View Kamen Rider Agito (burning form)

Agito Armors Agitoshining_minecraft_skin-3906801 View Kamen Rider Agito (shining form)

Agito Armors Gills_minecraft_skin-3908977 View Kamen Rider Gills

2Agito Armors Empty Re: Agito Armors on Mon Nov 05, 2012 10:39 am


Kamen Rider Agito will be added to my mod soon. but first i need to fix blade. do you have any ideas for the items i only know one armor the driver(Alter Ring).

items and weapons
Storm Halberd
Flame Saber
Shining Caliber

the skin
Agito Armors Agito_minecraft_skin-3922122

video on skin edit

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