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Penny's swords request

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1Penny's swords request Empty Penny's swords request on Fri Jan 16, 2015 5:36 pm


Just as the title says, can you add Penny's swords that she uses into the mod? I have a few ideas for them that'd be cool to see in the game

-They'd be able to transform into a gun mode, in which they shoot green bullets and if you hold down the key to fire the bullets it'll charge up into a big green laser (like the one from the show) Or maybe you'd be able to transform several floating swords into the gun form so you could fire multiple light bullets at once.

- As well as being able to use just one sword for regular melee, you can summon many swords at once (which I guess would like float around the player) which you can use to hit enemies and send you flying towards them, or maybe flying towards you. Maybe you could also make it so the swords will attach themselves to regular blocks so you can also use them as sort of a grappling hook for reaching high places.

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