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Projectile textures & Crescent Rose(sniper mode)

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Hey your RWBY mod is amazing.
I was wondering if you were planning on changing the projectiles the weapons fire from the Minecraft Fire Charges (& wither skull) to a texture which resembles the anime.

It would look much cooler if the bullets shot from the weapons had a bullet like texture. Then the mod could include each individual weapons ammo like Ruby Rose reloading Crescent Rose with a red ammo pack or Yang Xiao reloading her Ember Celica with a chain of bullets.

Also when i was using your mod I noticed that Crescent Rose would not stay in sniper mode (unless there is a way it does and I didn't know) It would be cool to add an add on like you did with Gambol Shroud where you can choose which form it stays in.

Hope this gives you good ideas for the mod. I really enjoy using your mod the texture are amazing the weapon models alone look insanely detailed.

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