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things i need to do before the next update

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1things i need to do before the next update Empty things i need to do before the next update on Sat Jun 01, 2013 2:10 am

i hope to get the next update out, next weekend. but i will not unless i can get the must do's done.
when the must do's are done i will start on some of the can do's.

must do
fix food textures
make last texture for den-o

Djelliotth Forces Me To do

can do
fix the DenGasher Rod Form so it works as a fishing rod and weapon.
add coffee for den-o
make new EnumArmorMaterial."rider mode name"
add Fourze Fire
weapons/items (that is not added) for any Heisei Era/Neo-Heisei Riders

can do (if i can find a tutorial or code)
long weapons (DenGasher Rod Form)
cool weapon efts
den liner structure in desert biomes (very rare spawn)
candroid mobs with candroid mod eggs
ridevendor (dispenser for candroids)

random mods that drop rider ores

the code so you do not need to place textures from the folders, into the parts of your minecraft.jar.
add den-o
Basshaa Magnum
Eternal Edge
King Rouser
tsc medajalibur
DenGasher (Rod Form)
Zanbatsword, Imagin Sand + Block
OOO Tamashii combo
OOO Purple Eyed Taka,
make new code for OP Swords
make new tabs

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