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Help me make Kamen Rider Craft DX

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1Help me make Kamen Rider Craft DX Empty Help me make Kamen Rider Craft DX on Thu Feb 28, 2013 8:58 am

Yes I know it has been a long time since the last update. But I will be starting work on Kamen Rider Craft DX. Which is the forge update for Kamen Rider Craft. I am making this mod as modloader only lets you add 70 items, when I plan ALOT more. I will not be starting the code for Kamen Rider Craft DX until the 1.5 update for minecraft and forge. But I want to get the plan and images done before the update.
This is where you can help me by making some of the images, plans for the mod or just give input on things made me and others.
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You do not need to be a skilled pixel artist to make the images. As I will give you all the help you need with full input and then I will most likely edit it before using. I will also be posting how to videos to my YouTube to help that bit more.
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If this is not for you but you still want to help. I will need people to make list of things to add and help me find parts of code to use. Or just give constructive input on things that have been made. I will need coders but not at this point.
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If you want to help plz go to the League Evil Forum and post you images, plans or ideas under the Requests subsection of Kamen Rider Craft section

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